Practical Explanation and Application of Bible History – The Creation and Fall of the Angels

The Battle of the Angels

What does this lesson relate?

  • It relates that God created the angels, and that many of them sinned and were punished.

What are angels?

  • Angels are pure spirits.

What is a spirit?

  • A spirit is a being without a body, that has intelligence and a free will.

Is God a spirit?

  • Yes, God is a spirit.

What, then, is the difference between God and an angel?

  • An angel is a created, finite, and imperfect spirit; God is an uncreated, eternal, and infinitely perfect spirit.

Why do we say that God is “infinitely” perfect?

  • We say that He is “infinitely” perfect because there is no measure or limit to His perfection.

In what condition were the angels when God created them?

  • They were all good and happy.

How do we know that the angels were good?

  • We know that the angels were good because they were endowed with sanctifying grace.

How do we know that the angels were happy?

  • We know that they were happy because they saw God face to face.

Did they remain good?

  • No, some of them sinned and lost sanctifying grace.

What sin did they commit?

  • They committed the sin of pride.

When do we sin by pride?

  • We sin by pride as often as we attribute to ourselves good qualities which we do not possess, refuse to give God credit for them, or despise our fellow-men.

How did the angels sin by pride?

  • They sinned by pride because they said: “We shall he like unto the Most High; we shall place our throne above the stars.”

Did all the angels sin?

  • No, many of them remained faithful and contended with the wicked angels.

How did they contend with the wicked angels?

  • They contended with the wicked angels by resisting their temptation to lead them into sin.

What was the result of the combat?

  • The wicked angels were defeated and cast into hell.

What are the wicked angels called?

  • They are called devils.

Which attribute of God do we see in the punishment of the angels?

  • In the punishment of the angels we see the justice of God.

What do we mean when we say that God is all-just?

  • When we say that God is all-just we mean that God rewards and punishes us strictly according to our deserts.

Who was the leader of the good angels?

  • Saint Michael, the Archangel, was their leader.

What does the name “Michael” mean?

  • “Michael” means, “Who is like God.”

In what relation does Saint Michael stand to the Catholic Church?

  • Saint Michael is the patron saint of the Church.

When does the Church ask his protection?

  • The Church asks his protection after every Low Mass, when she says through the priest the prayers prescribed by our Holy Father the Pope.

How are the good angels divided?

  • They are divided into nine choirs.

Name the nine choirs of angels.

  • Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Virtues, Thrones, Dominations, Principalities, and Powers.

Mention one of the offices of the angels.

  • They are messengers from God to man.

Give some instances showing that they are messengers of God.

  • Raphael was sent by God to guide the younger Tobias, and Gabriel was sent to the Blessed Virgin to announce to her that she was to be the Mother of God.

What do we call those angels who are sent to protect us?

  • We call them guardian angels.

How should we act towards our guardian angels?

  • We should pray to them daily, and follow their inspirations.

When do we celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels?

  • We celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels on the second of October.

How are the bad angels disposed towards us?

  • They hate and envy us and try to lead us into sin.

What should we learn from this lesson?

  • We should learn from it to resist the attacks of the wicked angels by prayer and watchfulness, and follow the inspiration of our guardian angels.

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