Portable Edition v0.30 – 25 August 2014

Wish there was a smaller, lighter, more portable version of the CatholicSaints.Info web site? Want a way to see today’s calendar of saints without wearing out your clicking finger? Looking for an easy way to keep up with the news of the saints, the saints in the news, and the latest works from SQPN and other Catholic New Media producers?

Well, even if you haven’t, check this out anyway – CatholicSaints.Mobi

It’s a mobile-friendlier, app-type of version of the material on this site. It’s an HTML5-based app so it runs on anything with a browser whether it’s a phone or tablet or dick-tracy-wrist-band. It’s ad-free, no registration needed, updates whenever you open it with an internet connection, and parts work offline. I call it the Portable Edition, and it’s available at CatholicSaints.Mobi. Just save like any other shortcut.

v0.30 changes
  • 25 August 2014
  • added a new section on The Rosary. Using a simple system of tapping the screen, the app displays the traditional prayers, and keeps track of the ones prayed. You have the option of the prayers alone or brief meditations with each bead or mystery. There are also some short documents on the history the rosary, its meaning, papal support, and related matters. Thanks to a massive raid on the Wikimedia Commons, there are images with each bead and mystery. There are also links to some audio versions if you like to hear them said along with you. There are only a couple of meditations available now, but with the back-end worked out I will be able to add more. Check it out.
  • continued tweaking the code and styling to make it slimmer, faster and more portable

v0.25 changes
  • 18 August 2014
  • added links to Star Quest Radio on the A Week of SQPN and About / Contact pages. Star Quest Radio is a 24 hour a day streaming service of the thousands of hours of programming from SQPN available from Live365.com. SQPN has been leading the way in Catholic New Media for years, and this is a chance for you to check out the back catalog
  • added links to the PayPal donate function for SQPN, ’cause Father Roderick does good work and you should support the network. Nuff said.
  • cross-linked the daily calendar of saints and the daily prayers and readings pages
  • added a “Today’s Pick” to the Catholic New Media stream page. There’s a lot of material being posted these days. This is just a way to highlight some the great non-SQPN new media.

v0.24 changes
  • 13 August 2014
  • add yesterday and tomorrow links on the daily saints pages
  • lots of tweaks to CSS and Javascript. lots.
  • added option for external player to the A Week of SQPN page to accomodate older browsers

v0.23 changes
  • 10 August 2014
  • added the About / Contact page to describe the purpose of the site, add contact information for me, and link, twitter, facebook, rss and other information on each of the SQPN shows that will appear in the A Week of SQPN page

v0.22 changes
  • 9 August 2014
  • added the Prayers and Readings page to stream each day’s prayers, daily office and liturgical readings audio from SQPN affiliates Pray Station Portable and Verbum Domini; think i’ve made it smart enough to know what day it is and load the appropriate files
  • tightened the coding on several pages
  • updated A Week of SQPN new entries and some revised link data

v0.21 changes
v0.2 changes
  • 7 August 2014
  • added the A Week of SQPN page, a rolling list of new material from SQPN released in the last seven days. Play them directly from the page. Ways of accessing their source sites and subscribing to the podcast feeds will come along soon
  • added two new categories to the E-Book Copy Center – Devotions and Liturgy
  • added two new books to the E-Book Copy CenterMass, by Father J D Buist, and Mary’s Immaculate Heart, by Father John F Murphy

v0.1 version