Pope Saint Soter

Pope Saint SoterAlso known as

  • Pope of Charity
  • Sotero
  • Soterius
  • Soterus



Nothing is known of his life before he was chosen 12th pope c.166, and not much is known of his pontificate. Forbade women to burn incense in services. Ratified that matrimony was a valid sacrament only if blessed by a priest. Inaugurated Easter as an annual festival in Rome.


Papal Ascension




From the beginning it has been your custom to do good to all the brethren in many ways, and to send alms to many churches in every city, refreshing the poverty of those who sent requests, or giving aid to the brethren in the mines, by the alms which you have had the habit of giving from old, Romans keeping up the traditional custom of the Romans; which your blessed Bishop Soter has not only preserved, but has even increased, by providing the abundance which he has sent to the saints, and by further consoling with blessed words with brethren who came to him, as a loving father his children. – from a fragment of a letter to Pope Saint Soter from Saint Dionysius of Corinth

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