Pope Benedict III

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Son of Peter. He is known to have been well-educated and ascetic. On being chosen pope, he was imprisoned by forces supporting Cardinal Anastasius for the throne. However, the clergy and the people of Rome, Italy supported Benedict, and Anastasius surrendered. The incident helped weaken the grip of the emperor in choosing the pope

On the day of the papal coronation, Emperor Lothair died, leaving the Frankish kingdom divided among five relatives. The Slavs, Normans, and Saracens attacked the Franks, and to pay for the war the Frankish nobles seized Church property and sold it. The clergy were powerless to stop them. Benedict worked to stop many of these abuses, and chastised the Frankish bishops for permitting them. He rebuilt Rome after the Saracen raid of 846.

The mythical Pope Joan is often claimed to have held the throne before Benedict, but records of the time indicate there was an unbroken step from Leo to Benedict.


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