Pictorial Lives of the Saints – Saint Augustine, Apostle of England

detail of an illustration of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, date unknown, artist unknownArticle

Augustine was prior of the monastery of Saint Andrew on the Coelian, and was appointed by Saint Gregory the Great chief of the missionaries whom he sent to England. Saint Augustine and his companions, having heard on their journey many reports of the barbarism and ferocity of the pagan English, were afraid, and wished to turn back. But Saint Gregory replied, “Go on, in God’s name! The greater your hardships, the greater your crown. May the grace of Almighty God protect you, and give me to see the fruit of your labor in the heavenly country! If I cannot share your toil, I shall yet share the harvest, for God knows that it is not good-will which is wanting.” The band of missionaries went on in obedience.

Landing at Ebbsfleet, between Sandwich and Ramsgate, they met King Ethelbert and his thanes under a great oaktree at Minster, and announced to him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instant and complete success attended their preaching. On Whit Sunday, 596, King Ethelbert was baptized, and his example was followed by the greater number of his nobles and people. By degrees the faith spread far and wide, and Augustine, as Papal Legate, set out on a visitation of Britain. He failed in his attempt to enlist the Britons of the west in the work of his apostolate, through their obstinate jealousy and pride; but his success was triumphant from south to north. Saint Augustine died after eight years of evangelical labors. The Anglo-Saxon Church, which he founded, is still famous for its learning, zeal, and devotion to the Holy See, while its calendar commemorates no less than 300 Saints, half of whom were of royal birth.

Reflection – The work of an apostle is the work of the right Hand of God. He often chooses weak instruments for His mightiest purposes. The most sure augury of lasting success in missionary labor is obedience to superiors and diffidence in self.

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