Parable of the Two Debtors

[The Penitent and the Pharisee]Parable in Luke 7, spoken by Our Lord in the house of Simon the Pharisee, when the latter was wondering that Jesus should allow the woman to bathe His feet with her tears and wipe them with her hair. Answering the thought of the Pharisee, Jesus proposes the parable of the two debtors, who owed to a money lender, the one 500 denarii, the other 50, but to whom the creditor graciously remits the amount; the former, receiving a greater favor, is naturally bound to greater gratitude. Our Lord makes the application in the following verses, in which He contrasts the cold attitude of Simon, and the conduct of the sinner who has so generously made up for the lack of courtesy of His host. Our Lord then declares that the love shown so clearly by the woman is the reason why her sins are forgiven her. Thus what the woman has done to Him has been done to God, and Jesus is the Divine creditor who may remit the sinner’s debt, as indeed the woman, whose faith Jesus praises, had believed that Jesus could do.