Parable of the Prodigal Son

[Return of the Prodigal Son]Article

Parable in Luke 15. The story of the son who took his portion of his father’s goods and squandered it by riotous living. When reduced to the depth of misery and obliged to eat the husks thrown to the swine, he bethought himself of his father and resolved to return to him penitent. The father was watching for him, greeted him affectionately and killed the fatted calf to make merry over his return. The elder son resented the father’s rejoicing. The father silenced him by the reminder that: “thou art always with me, and all I have is thine, but. ..thy brother was dead and is come to life, was lost and is found.” This parable occurs in the same chapter as that of the lost sheep, and of the woman searching for the lost groat (piece of money). It impresses on us the earnestness with which Our Redeemer desires the repentance and return of a sinner, and it has caused innumerable conversions and acts of perfect love of God.

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