Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard

One of the parables of Christ (Matthew 20), in which the householder hiring men at different hours of the day even up to the eleventh, or last, gives each of them the same wage, “a penny” meaning a piece of money, as if the one hour laborer was entitled to as much as the full day laborer. The householder is evidently meant for Christ as head of His Kingdom to do as He sees fit with his gifts, to give those who cannot find work to do as much as those who are more fortunate; to bless those who have to struggle for the faith as much as those to whom it comes easily, as if by inheritance, or with mother’s milk. Many would see in the parable an economic meaning, and it seems to justify the principle of a living wage the right of all men to have enough to live on, provided they seek and perform their share of labor honestly.