New Catholic Dictionary – Saints Cosmas and Damian

[Saints Cosmas and Damien]

Martyrs, born Arabia; died Ægea (now Ayass), Cilicia, c.303. They were twin brothers, physicians, and practised at Ægea; they accepted no money from the poor, and, being Christians, their good example brought many to the Faith. Arrested in the persecution of Diocletian, they were subjected to torture, but remained unharmed, and were finally beheaded. Their three brothers, Anthimus, Leontius, and Euprepius were martyred with them; numerous myths and legends grew up around them. Patrons of physicians, surgeons, druggists, and barbers. They are mentioned in the Canon of the Mass and the Litany of the Saints. Emblem: a phial. Relics at Cyrus in Syria. Feast, Roman Calendar, 27 September.

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