New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Prisca


Also spelled Priscilla. Virgin; martyr. Since the 7th century the grave of a martyr Prisca has been venerated in the Roman catacomb of Priscilla on the Via Salaria. There still exists on the Aventine Hill a church of Saint Prisca, on the site of the “Titulus Priscae,” mentioned in the 5th century and built probably in the 4th. It is assumed that Prisca founded this title church or gave the use of part of her house which occupied this spot, for the Christian church services. An unhistorical legend relates the martyrdom of a Prisca who was beheaded on the Via Ostiensis, and whose body Pope Eutychianus is said to have translated to the church of Prisca on the Aventine. Relics in the church of Saint Prisca. Feast, Roman Calendar, 18 January.

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