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Confessor (c.316-397), Bishop of Tours, born Sabaria, Hungary; died Candes, Touraine. The son of a pagan military tribune, he was educated at Pavia, and at an early age enrolled in the Roman army. Amiens in Gaul was the scene of the famous incident of Martin sharing his military cloak with a beggar, followed by the heavenly vision which led to his baptism. After a few years of army service, he was released and journeyed to Poitiers to labor under Saint Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers. There he organized a community of monks, erected the monastery of Liguge, and in 371 became Bishop of Tours. Later he founded the monastery of Marmoutier and resided there. He was an opponent of Arianism. After a last visit to Rome, Martin went to Candes, one of the religious centers created by him in his diocese, where he died. His body was taken to Tours, and his tomb has always been a national shrine of France. Patron of Buenos Aires. Emblems: tree, armor, cloak, beggar. Feast, Roman Calendar, 11 November.

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