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Martyr, Bishop of Vercelli, born Sardinia, 283; died Vercelli, 371. Elected Bishop of Vercelli, 340, he was consecrated by Pope Julius I. In 354 Pope Liberius sent Eusebius and Bishop Lucifer of Cagliari to the Emperor Constantius to induce him to convoke a council to end the dissensions between the Arians and the orthodox. The synod was held at Milan, 355. A document condemning Saint Athanasius was drawn up, and Eusebius, because he protested this and refused to sign it, was exiled, first to Scythopolis in Syria, later to Cappadocia, and finally to the Thebaid. At the accession of Emperor Julian, 362, the exiled bishops were allowed to return to their sees, but Eusebius remained in the East helping to restore peace in the Church. After the synod at Alexandria, 362, Eusebius went to Antioch to reconcile the Eustathians and the Meletians, visited other churches of the Orient in the interest of the orthodox faith, and arriving at Vercelli, 363, became one of the chief opponents of Arianism. He is honored as a martyr because of his many sufferings. Relics in the cathedral at Vercelli. Feast, Roman Calendar, 16 December.

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