New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

detail of the painting 'Santa Isabel Reina de Portugal', by José Gil de Castro, 1820, Museo Colonial de San Francisco, Santiago, ChileArticle

Queen of Portugal, widow, born 1271; died 1336. She was the daughter of King Pedro II of Aragon, and grand-niece of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Her husband, Diniz, King of Portugal, was extremely immoral, but Elizabeth pursued her strict religious practises, and won him to repentance by her prayers and goodness. In 1325, at his death, she retired to a convent of Poor Clares, where she became a Franciscan tertiary. She was called the “Peacemaker,” because of her intervention in the armed hostility between her son and husband. Canonized, 1625. Relics at Coimbra. Feast, Roman Calendar, 8 July.

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