New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Edward the Martyr

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Edward the Martyr, date unknown, artist unknown; swiped with permission from the flickr account of Brother Lawrence Lew, OPArticle

(c.962978) King of England, died Wareham. He was the son of Edgar the Peaceful and succeeded his father, 975. During his brief reign he followed the counsel of Saint Dunstan, winning the affection of his people through his many virtues. He was murdered at the instigation of his step-mother, Elfrida, who desired to secure the crown for her son Ethelred. As a defender of the Church and because he was slain by the irreligious party, he obtained the title of martyr. Represented on horseback, drinking mead, while the assassins advance toward him. Feast, 18 March.

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