New Catholic Dictionary – Saint David

[Saint David]
Also known as Dewm, Dmui or Dewi. Confessor, Archbishop of Menevia, born probably Cardiganshire, Wales, c.544; died Menevia, Pembrokeshire, 601. Little historical information exists concerning David, although there are many elaborate legends about him. He was present at the synods of Brevi, 519, and Lucus Victorire, 569. Welshmen wear leeks on Saint David’s Day, to commemorate a great victory over the Saxons, when, by David’s advice, they wore leeks in their head-gear to distinguish themselves from the enemy. Patron of Wales. He is usually represented standing on a hill, with a dove on his shoulder. Canonized, 1120. Relics at Glastonbury. Feast, 1 March.