New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Christopher

[Saint Christopher, by Josef Ribera]

(Latin: Christ bearer) Martyr (3rd century), died Lydia, Asia Minor. He is one of the most popular saints of the East and West, and is invoked as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. The legends concerning him are confused and often contradictory; however, it is generally conceded that he was engaged in carrying people across a raging stream. One day he carried the Christ Child across, and his burden became heavier at each step until it was almost unbearable, for Christ bore in his hands the weight of the world; to prove His identity Christ caused Christopher’s staff to grow into a fruit-bearing tree. This miracle converted many, and excited the rage of the king, who caused Christopher to be imprisoned, subjected to torments, and beheaded. Patron of travelers; invoked against storms and sudden death. Emblems: a tree, the Child Jesus on his shoulders, giant, torrent. Feast, Roman Calendar, 25 July.

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