New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Caesarius of Arles


Archbishop of Arles, born Chalons, Burgundy, 470; died Arles, France, 543. He became Bishop of Arles in 502 and for 40 years was the foremost bishop of Gaul. Twice accused of treason by the barbarian conquerors of his episcopal city, he was finally exculpated by the Ostrogothic King Theodoric. He visited Pope Symmachus at Rome, received from him the pallium and the use of the dalmatic for the deacons of his diocese, and was made Apostolic Vicar of Gaul and Spain. He convoked an important series of councils. Prior to this he published the famous adaptation of the Roman law known as the “Breviary of Alaric,” which eventually became the civil code of Gaul. He was a popular preacher, many of his sermons having come down to us. They are brief, clear, and simply expressed. He composed two religious rules, one for men which was subsequently superseded by that of Saint Benedict, the other for women, which was the first of its kind. It was adopted outright by numerous monasteries of women. He added several hymns to the Divine Office. Feast, 27 August.

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