New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Arnulf of Metz


Bishop (c.580-640), statesman, born Laye-Saint-Christophe (now France); died Remiremont. A chief minister of Theodebert II, King of Austrasia, he married, and had two sons. Later he became Bishop of Metz and an example of virtue and wisdom. After being chief adviser of the young King Dagobert, he resigned all his offices and ended his life in monastic solitude. One of his sons was the father of Pepin of Heristal, the founder of the Carlovingians. Patron of Metz, and of brewers and millers; invoked as finder of things lost. He is represented wearing armor under his cope; extinguishing a fire by his blessing; and finding his episcopal ring inside a fish. Relics at Metz. Feast, at Metz, 19 August.

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