New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Apollonia

detail of a stained glass window depicting Siant Apollonia with a pair of tongs and the palm of martyrdom, date unknown, artist unknown; Church of Saint Agatha, Bongard, Germany; photographed on 14 May 2011 by GFreihalter; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Virgin, martyr, deaconess, died Alexandria, c.249. She was seized by the insurgent heathen populace who tortured her by knocking out her teeth. A pile of faggots was prepared to burn her and the other martyrs, but, threatened with death, Apollonia chose to embrace it voluntarily and sprang into the fire. Invoked against toothache and diseases of the teeth. Emblems: tooth, pincers. Feast, Roman Calendar, 9 February.

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