New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Sixtus IV

detail from a bronze monument of Pope Sixtus IV, by Antonio del Pollaiolo, c.1490Derivation

  • Latin: semtus, the sixth


Reigned from 9 August 1471 to 12 August 1484. Born on 21 July 1414 in Celle, Italy as Francesco della Rovere; died in Rome, Italy on 12 August 1484. A Franciscan, he was general of his Order, and cardinal. After his election he interested himself in secular affairs; favored the conspiracy of the Pazzi against the Medici. Encouraged the Venetians to attack Ferrara. Reformed the Inquisition. Opposed the Waldenses. Annulled the decrees of the Council of Constance. Built the Sistine Chapel, and the Sistine Bridge across the Tiber. Improved sanitary conditions in Rome. Became the second founder of the Vatican Library. During his reign King Christian I of Denmark and Norway was received at Rome.

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