New Catholic Dictionary – Pope Blessed Eugene III

[Pope Eugene illustration] [coat of arms of Blessed Pope Eugene III]

Reigned from 11 February 1145 to 8 July 1153. Confessor of the faith; born in Montemagno, Italy as Bernardo Pignatelli; died at Tivoli, Italy. Cistercian, Abbot of Tre Fontane. He was elected pope, and forced to take up his residence at Viterbo, due to the violence of the Roman mob. He absolved the seemingly penitent exile, Arnold of Brescia, who immediately returned to Rome and stirred up further dissension, concluded by a treaty signed by the pope and the Roman Senate. This however was adhered to for only a short time and Eugene was forced to flee to France, where he directed the Second Crusade and convened important synods to discipline the clergy, propagate the faith, and encourage learning. After a second unsuccessful attempt to rule in Rome a treaty with Frederick Barbarossa promising imperial protection enabled him to end his days in peace. Feast, 8 July; at Rome, 21 July.

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