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In reality five Pannonian sculptors buried in the catacomb of Saints Peter and Marcellinus, Rome, Italy. They were martyred under Diocletian for refusing to make a statue of AEsculapius for a heathen temple. Later tradition confused them with four Christian soldiers martyred at Rome two years after the death of the five sculptors. Since the names of these soldiers could not be authentically established, they are celebrated under the names of Saint Claudius, Saint Nicostratus, Saint Symphorianus, Saint Castor, and Saint Simplicius. Four martyrs buried in the catacomb of Albano are sometimes called the Four Crowned Martyrs. A basilica was erected to the Four Crowned Martyrs, on tbe Caelian Hill and their relics were removed thither, c.850. Feast, for both the Pannonian and Roman martyrs, 8 November.

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