Name Days Sign Up

Were you named for a saint? Were you given or choose one at Confirmation? Do you have a special devotion to a saint? Is your name the same as a saint? Then you have a Name Day.

Names days are an old tradition, celebrating you, your name sake saint, and anyone else with whom you share a name. Think of a birthday but it happens on your saint’s day and can involve other people who weren’t born at the same time. (So, only vaugely like a birthday, I guess? Oh, well…)

It’s a tradition that should be better remembered, brought back where’s been forgotten, and introduced where it’s never been because what’s wrong with another birthday and another way to celebrate our extended family in heaven?

Like to get a notice when it is your name day? And a note about name sake? Or the name days of some one else like a friend, spouse, children, grandchildren, etc? It’s simple – send us an email with the names you want to track, and we’ll do the rest. For example, if you want to track the name Edward, on the 18th of March you’ll get a reminder of the name day and a note about Saint Edward the Martyr; on the 13th of October it’ll be something about Saint Edward the Confessor. And we promise to never use your email address for evil. Contact us at –

Hope to hear from you.