My Bible History, OT 14 – Isaac and Rebecca

Rebecca asked, 'Who is that man coming to meet us?' Eliezer answered, 'He is my master Isaac.'Rebecca asked, ‘Who is that man coming to meet us?’ Eliezer answered, ‘He is my master Isaac.’When Laban, Rebecca’s brother, heard what had happened to his sister at the well, he ran out to meet Eliezer. He said, “Come in, thou blessed of the Lord. Why do you stand outside? I have prepared the house, and a place for your camels.”

Laban took Eliezer into his house and brought him some water to wash his feet. Then taking down the packs of the camels, he gave the animals food.

Laban’s mother and Rebecca brought food for Eliezer. But Eliezer would not eat till he had spoken of his errand. “I am Abraham’s servant,” he said.

Then he told them how he had prayed God to show him which girl was to be Isaac’s wife, and how God had answered his prayer. When the whole story had been told, Eliezer turned to Laban and inquired, “Tell me, what answer shall I take back to Abraham my master?”

Laban replied, “The answer is in God’s hands. It shall be as He wills. Take Rebecca; let her be the wife of Isaac.”

Eliezer took the gifts he had brought and gave them to Rebecca. to her mother, and to Laban. Early the next morning he prepared to return to Chanaan.

Laban and his mother blessed Rebecca. Then taking her nurse with her, Rebecca left with Eliezer for the Land of Chanaan.

In Chanaan Isaac had been waiting for the return of Eliezer. One evening, as he walked in the fields, thinking about the goodness of God, he saw in the distance some camels approaching. He knew then that Eliezer was returning home from Haran.

When Rebecca saw Isaac, she alighted from her camel. “Who is that man who is coming to meet us?” she asked of Eliezer.

Eliezer answered. “He is my master Isaac.” And Eliezer told Isaac all that he had done in Haran.

As soon as Isaac saw Rebecca, he loved her. Soon they were married and lived happily with their father Abraham. Abraham gave Isaac his flocks, his lands, and all the other riches with which God had blessed him since he had gone to live in Chanaan.

– from My Bible History in Pictures, by Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D., 1934; it has the Imprimatur of Archbishop Michael J O’Doherty of Manila, Philippines