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From her birth in 1660, Veronica was wonderfully devout to the Passion of our Lord. In the cradle she refused food thrice a week, on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; and when only three years old, in imitation of the martyrs, she thrust her hands into the fire, and kept them there till the smell of the burning flesh brought the inmates of the house to her side. After she had taken the habit of Saint Clare, she underwent a mysterious ceremony of espousals with our Lord, and ever afterwards there floated continually before her a mystical, overflowing chalice, of which she had to drink, and which filled her with anguish as she drank it. Our Lord crowned her with a crown of thorns, which seemed to pierce into her brain, but of which nought was visible but the scars. Lastly, in His love He stamped her with the marks of His five blessed wounds. Often in an ecstasy she went through and suffered the Agony of the Cross, her body writhing and her bones cracking with the fearful torments. Through all the pain her only love was the Cross. “Satiate me with the Cross,” was her cry; and she embraced the very trees in the garden because they reminded her of it. An agony of three hours closed her long but beloved martyrdom, her very death being, like her Lord’s, an act of obedience, for she could not die until her superiors had given her leave.

Let us ask Saint Veronica to help us to honour our crucified Redeemer, by denying our natural inclinations and by embracing all that is opposed to them, by flying from the praise of man, by cherishing contempt and mortification, by being lovers of the Cross, and crucified in all things.

Blessed be God! Everything seems little that is suffered for His love. Blessed be the simple Cross! Blessed be pure suffering! — Saint Veronica Giuliani

Once, after the Saint had carried more than thirty pitchers full of water up two flights of steep stairs, her feet were dreadfully galled, and she was quite exhausted and ready to faint. Whilst she was in this state our Lord appeared to her, bearing His Cross, and said, ‘Look at the Cross which I am bearing, see how heavy it is.’ At this sight she felt her strength restored, and her heart burned with eagerness to suffer yet more for the love of Jesus.

Christ therefore having suffered in the flesh, be you also armed with the same thought; for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sins. – 1st Peter 4:1

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