Miniature Lives of the Saints – Saint Ubald, Bishop

detail of a fresco of Saint Ubaldus Baldassini, Gubbio, Italy; swiped off the Wikipedia web siteArticle

At an early age Ubald turned his back on a brilliant future, and entered the Order of Canons Regular. Finding his own community relaxed, he withdrew for a while to a house of strict observance, whence he came back to re-establish the discipline of his monastery. In 1128, being chosen Bishop of Gubbio, his native place, he redoubled the severity of his life. His habitual self-denial was rewarded by an apparent insensibility to insults or affronts. On one occasion a workman, whom he reproved, pushed him into a heap of mortar, covering him with dirt. Ubald rose without uttering one word of complaint, and even delivered his assailant from the prosecution which the townsfolk set up. When the man, won by this clemency, offered the bishop any reparation, Ubald only demanded of him the kiss of peace. Knowing the blessings of this holy peace, he faced every danger to preserve it in his flock, and proved himself as brave as he was gentle. When a riot arose in the town, and he saw that his entreaties were of no avail, he threw himself between the combatants, regardless of their drawn swords and of the falling stones, and fell to the ground as if wounded. The rioters at once cast down their weapons, believing him slain. But the Saint, rising up, thanked God that the tumult was stayed. During his last years he bore with perfect cheerfulness a most painful disease, and at length passed to peace eternal, a.d. 1160.

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