Miniature Lives of the Saints – Saint Ignatius of Loyola

detail of an illustration Saint Ignatius of Loyola; date unknown, by William Holl the Younger; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Saint Ignatius was born at Loyola in Spain in the year 1491. He served his king as a courtier and a soldier till his thirtieth year. At that age, being laid low by a wound, he received the call of divine grace to leave the world and follow Jesus Christ. He gave himselfup entirely to the love of Jesus Christ. Whatever he knew to be pleasing to Jesus Christ that he did. He sacrificed everything which could separate him from Jesus Christ. He embraced poverty and humiliation, that he might become more like to Jesus Christ. He loved Jesus Christ so ardently, that he won others to join him in serving Jesus Christ. Prompted by their love for Jesus Christ, he and his companions made a vow to go to the Holy Land: they wished to live where their Divine Master had lived, to labour for souls where He had laboured; they were prepared to die where He had died. But war broke out and prevented the execution of their project. Then they turned to the Vicar of Jesus Christ, and placed themselves under his obedience. This was the beginning of the Society of Jesus; its motto was Ad majorem Dei gloriamTo the greater glory of God. Our Lord promised Saint Ignatius that the precious heritage of His Passion should never fail his Society, a heritage of contradictions and persecutions,

Saint Ignatius went to his crown on the 31 July 1556.

Ask Saint Ignatius to obtain for you the grace to desire ardently the greater glory of God, even though it may cost you much suffering and humiliation.

When thou shalt arrive thus far, that tribulation becomes sweet and savoury to thee for the love of Christ, then think that it is well with thee: for thou hast found a paradise on earth. – The Imitation of Christ

Saint Ignatius was cast into prison at Salamanca on a suspicion of heresy. To a friend who expressed sympathy with him on account of his imprisonment he replied, “It is a sign that you have but little love of Christ in your heart, or you would not deem it so hard a fate to be in chains for His sake. I declare to you that all Salamanca does not contain as many fetters, manacles, and chains as I long to wear for the love of Jesus Christ.”

I have glorified Thee on earth; I have finished the work which Thou gavest Me to do. – John 17:4

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