Miniature Lives of the Saints – Saint Cajetan

detail of a statue of Saint Cayetano, date unknown, artist unknown; Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Argentina; photographed on 9 March 2013 by Barcex; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Cajetan was born at Vicenza in 1480, of noble and pious parents, who dedicated him to our Blessed Lady. From childhood he was known as the Saint, and in later years as “The hunter of souls.” A distinguished student, he left his native town to seek obscurity in Rome, but was there forced to accept office at the court of Julius II. On the death of that Pontiff he returned to Vicenza, and disgusted his relatives by joining the Confraternity of Saint Jerome, whose members were drawn from the lowest classes, while he spent his fortune in building hospitals, and himself in nursing the plague-stricken. To renew the lives of the clergy, he instituted the first community of Regular Clerks, known as Theatines. They devoted themselves to preaching, the administration of the Sacraments, and the careful performance of the Church’s rites and ceremonies. Saint Cajetan was the first to introduce the Forty Hours’ adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, as an antidote to the heresy of Calvin. He had a most tender love of our Blessed Lady, and his piety was rewarded. One Christmas Eve she placed the Infant Jesus in his arms, and she appeared to console him as he died. When the Germans, under the Constable Bourbon, sacked Rome, Saint Cajetan was barbarously scourged, to extort from him riches which he had long before securely stored in heaven. Worn out with toil and sickness, he went to his reward in 1547.

Imitate Saint Cajetan’s devotion to our Blessed Lady by invoking her aid before every work.

Let us pray our most Blessed Advocate, the Mother of our Redeemer, to deign to cover our iniquities, and plead for us before the just Judge, her Son. — Saint Cajetan

When Saint Cajetan was on his deathbed, resigned to the will of God, eager for pain to satisfy his love, and for death to attain to life, he beheld the Mother of God, radiant with splendour, and surrounded by ministering Seraphim. In profound veneration he said, “Lady, bless me.” Mary replied, “Cajetan, receive the blessing of my Son, and know that I am here as a reward for the sincerity of your love, and to lead you to Paradise.” She then exhorted him to patience in fighting an evil spirit who troubled him, and gave orders to the choirs of angels to escort his soul in triumph to heaven. Then turning her countenance mil of majesty and sweetness upon him, she said, “Cajetan, my Son calls thee. Let us go in peace.”

For she is an infinite treasure to men, which they that use become the friends of God. – Wisdom 7:14

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