Menology of England and Wales – Saint Ultan, Abbot, Confessor, c.686


Saint Ultan was one of the brothers of Saint Fursey who followed him from Ireland, and lived with him for some time in his Monastery of Burghcastle, in Suffolk. Afterwards, feeling himself called to a life of solitude, he retired to a hermitage in the same kingdom of East Anglia, whither he was followed somewhat later by Saint Fursey himself. These holy brothers lived together in great austerity, continual prayer, and the labour of their hands, until their tranquillity was disturbed by the outbreak of fresh wars. Saint Fursey then retired to France, but Saint Ultan appears to have remained in England until after the death of his brother, when he, with his other brother, Saint Foilan, went abroad and was received by Saint Gertrude of Nievelles, who gave him land to build the Abbey of Fosse, in the diocese of Liege. After the martyrdom of his brother Saint Foilan, he passed to Peronne, where the relics of Saint Fursey were preserved. He was there chosen Abbot, and continued to govern the two houses of Fosse and Peronne until the time of his death. He was buried at Fosse, and greatly venerated as a Saint, especially in these two monasteries.

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