Menology of England and Wales – Saint Sethryda, Virgin, Abbess, c.660


This Saint was the daughter of the wife of Anna, King of the East Angles, by a former marriage. Some writers assert that her mother was Saint Hereswitha, the sister of Saint Hilda, but the best authorities consider that Hereswitha was not the wife of Anna, but of Ethelhere, his brother and successor. Being called to the religious state, Saint Sethryda retired, with her half-sister, Saint Ethelburga, and her niece, Saint Ercongota, to the Abbey of Faremontiers, whilst the foundress, Saint Fara, or Burgundofora, was still alive. So great was the esteem, in which the English strangers were held, and so high the reputation of their holy lives, that the two sisters were successively chosen to be Abbesses, and are counted among the Saints of God.

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