Mementoes of the English Martyrs and Confessors – John Jessop, Layman, 1587


He was Venerable Pilchard’s faithful and loving companion, and before and after his imprisonment his chief instrument in saving souls. He was with Pilchard when the latter was captured in Fleet Street, and, being unable to conceal his grief, and known to be Pilchard’s companion elsewhere, he was apprehended and suffered to linger in prison, and at length died, either from grief or the filth of the place, though he was a man in the flower of his age, being less than forty years old. In his will he gave special directions that his body should not be buried in a graveyard, but as closely as possible to the body of Pilchard in the fields by the place of his execution. When his friends and his wife asked him to consult in this matter the honour of his family, and not to make light of consecrated ground, he replied that all graveyards were now profaned by the bodies of heretics, and that he felt assured the blood and members of so great a Martyr would abundantly sanctify the place he had chosen. This was shown by the fact that till Pilchard’s limbs were taken down from the walls, where they had been hung, the whole surrounding country was swept with the most terrific storms and lightnings.

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