Legends of the Blessed Sacrament – Legend of Saint Tarcissus

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The day following the glorious martyrdom of the Holy Father Sixtus II it was decided to send the Holy Eucharist to the faithful, who, in spite of the persecution, remained in the city, in order to fit them for martyrdom. Tarcissus, an acolyth, being invested with this high commission, wrapped the Bread of Life in fair linen, and concealed it in his bosom. On arriving, however, at the walls of the city, not far from the spot where the church ‘Domine quo vadis’ now stands, he was met by a party of soldiers, who seized him and demanded of him what he carried. Tarcissus, in obedience to the command of secrecy, was silent. At once he fell under a shower of stones and blows, dying a Martyr to the honour of the Blessed Sacrament. The soldiers turned his body over and over, searched through his garments, and found – nothing! Seized with fear, they fled towards the Cappena gate, where they met a number of Christians upon the point of descending into the Catacomb in order to celebrate the funeral of their murdered Pope. The soldiers then informed the Emperor of what they had seen; and in consequence Valerian prohibited the Christians from entering into the Catacombs.

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