Kingdom of God

Also known as

  • Kingdom of Heaven


Not only a place or goal to be attained, but an influence under which our minds come when we are one with Christ and acting under His ideals; the sway of Grace, in our hearts; the rule of God in the world, Thy kingdom come; the place where God reigns; the goal at which we have to aim; the Church, which exercises this influence, administers the sacraments as a means of this grace, upholds even in persecution the laws of God, tabernacles the Body and Blood of His Divine. Soul, and keeps its members on the way of their pilgrimage to the heavenly country or kingdom. Inasmuch as the Church Militant on earth and the Church Suffering in Purgatory are of their very nature temporal, the complete and ultimate concept of the Kingdom of God finds its perfect realization in the attainment of the Spirit of Christ by the members of the Church Triumphant in Heaven. This consists in the complete union of minds and wills, with the Trinity, which God as Eternal King gives to the blessed in Heaven.

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