Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

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History of the persecution of the Reformers in England, by John Foxe (15161587), an extreme Reformer. His work, entitled Acts and Monuments but popularly known as the Book of Martyrs, was first published, 1563, and had numerous editions. It contains three volumes: the first deals with early Christian persecutions and contains a sketch of medieval church history and an account of the Wyclifite movement in England and on the Continent; the second treats of the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI; and the third gives that of Mary I. It includes a number of documents and is illustrated throughout by woodcuts, most of them luridly depicting the sufferings of the martyrs. A convocation of the Anglican Church in 1571, ordered that copies of the work be kept for public inspection in all cathedrals and in houses of church dignitaries. It enjoyed great popularity among Puritans and members of the Low Church until the 19th century, and contributed greatly towards antiCatholic prejudice in England.

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