For the Assumption, by Adam of Saint Victor

[Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary]Ave, Virgo Singularis.

Mother of our Great Salvation,
Excellent in exaltation
Over every constellation,
   Never-wandering Star of Sea;
While in this life’s rolling surges
Many a wreck the storm submerges,
Where Salvation’s love-wind urges
   With thy prayer our ship would flee.

Here the wind and sea are raging,
Here are billows doom presaging,
Here are foemen warfare waging
   With their fierce occurrent power;
Here with whirlpool-veiling measure
Sirens chant the song of pleasure,
Pirates wait to spoil of treasure,
   Monsters hunger to devour.

Now into the deep descending,
Now on wave-crest skyward tending,
Flaps the sail; the mast is bending;
   Ceases seamanship to be;
Hearts of men for fear are failing,
Ills so terrible assailing;
In the ghostly war prevailing,
   Us from perils, Mother, free.

Supervised with sacred Shower,
Wearing chastity’s white Flower,
Newest Bud from newest Bower,
   Thou hast brought to earthly gloom;
Equal to the Sire Supernal,
Yet indwelling House Maternal,
God is Flesh, the Word Eternal
   Seeks the covert of thy womb.

He the universe directing,
Thee foreseeing, fore-electing,
Never stain thy white affecting,
   Found in Virgin-flesh a shrine,
Never pang, like Eve’s, oppressed thee,
Ere the midnight heaven confessed thee,
And the generations blessed thee,
   Mother of the Child Divine.

Far above the ninefold stations,
Musical with adorations,
Without peer in exaltation’s
   Excellence, sublimely throned;
On thy day of throning, Mary,
Sweet the risen luminary,
Sweet the vision angel-starry,
   So thy sons be blessed and owned.

Holy and immortal Mother,
Root, who barest God, our Brother,
Flower, Vine, Olive, whom not other
   Graft of time made fructify;
Lamp of earth and empyrean
Lit in mountains Galilean,
When the saints wake time’s last pean,
   Mercy sweet the Judge be nigh.

Thou the little flock forget not,
Sinfulness their souls indebt not,
In the Great King’s presence let not
   Hope of pardon hopeless be;
He, the Judge benign and tender,
Worthy ceaseless self-surrender,
Is the promise’s true Sender
   From the Cross of Calvary.

Offspring of the womb unspotted,
O’er the water shipwreck-dotted,
To the” gladness love-allotted,
   Way and Guide and Sign and Pass;
Grasp the helm, the vessel sway thou,
Each terrific tempest lay thou,
Through each breaker souls convey thou
   To the silent Sea of Glass.