Father Igor Aleksandrovic Akulov

Father Igor Aleksandrovic AkulovAlso known as

  • Epifanij
  • Epiphanius
  • Yepifaniy


Raised in an Orthodox peasant family. In 1920 be began studying at the Petrograd Theological Institute. He became a monk on 2 July 1921, taking the name Yepifaniy. Convert to the Catholic church, brought to conversion by Blessed Leonid Feodorov. Ordained a priest in the apostolic exarchate of the Russian Byzantine Catholic Church in the summer of 1922. Arrested by Communist authorities in 1923, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the crime of promoting Christianity. In 1927 he was released from prison, but sent into exile. He was allowed to return from exile in 1933, went back to parish work, and briefly jailed in 1935. Arrested again in 1937, he was sentenced to death. His Cause for Canonization as a martyr has opened.



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