Eritrean Catholic Church


A Metropolitan sui iuris Eastern particular Church within the Catholic Church. Established in 2015, its membership includes inhabitants of Eritrea. It is headquartered in Asmara, Eritrea and uses the Alexandrine Rite. It is in full communion with the Holy See. It holds the Christological doctrine of the Council of Chalcedon and accepts the universal jurisdiction of the Pope. The Eritrean Catholic Church follows the Ethiopic liturgical rite. Ge’ez, a Semitic language fallen out of daily use several centuries ago, is the liturgical language of the Ethiopic Church, whose liturgy is based on the Coptic.

Ecclesiastical jurisdictions:

  • Archeparchy of Asmara
  • Eparchy of Keren
  • Eparchy of Barentu
  • Eparchy of Segeneiti

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