Dictionary of Saintly Women – Saint Achachildis


Saint Achachildis or Atzix. llth century. Supposed to be a sister of Saint Cunegund, the empress. Achachildis is represented: (1) presenting five infants to her husband; (2) performing various charitable miracles. She had five children at a birth, after which she and her husband took a vow of celibacy. She passed her life as a benefactor of the poor. Her tomb was found, in 1147, at Wendelstein, near Schwabach. On the stone was an inscription, calling her a holy woman and founder of the parish church of the place. After the discovery of the grave, many miracles of healing occurred, especially on behalf of children, and gifts of wax and many other offerings were made in consequence. The place afterwards became protestant, and the worship ceased.

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