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here's me, an antiquarian in action“send me a winning lottery ticket so I can retire and study hagiography”

I’ve had some form of that line on all versions of this site for years. And I’m still waiting for a lotto winner. But I’ve gone ahead and retired and plan to be an Amateur Hagiographer on this and the .mobi sites full time.

If you want to talk about the web site, ask about a saint, have that lottery ticket I keep waiting for, or you have other questions related to the saints or the site, email me (Terry Jones) at this address:

Please understand that though I love this site, it’s still a hobby, and a family man’s time is not always his own. Mail from RCIA and Confirmation classes goes to the front of the line. And if you have a call to pray for others, please ask that the material on these sites helps some one learn more about the faith. Thanks.

I won’t respond at all to questions about the use of images in publishing projects, and I don’t have hi-res versions of anything.