Charles Martel Takes Boniface Under His Protection, 723

To the holy lords and apostolic fathers, bishops, dukes, counts, regents, servants, lesser officials and friends, Charles, Mayor of the Palace, hearty greetings.

Let it be known that the apostolic father Bishop Boniface has come into our presence and begged us to take him under our protection. Know then that it has been our pleasure to do this.

Furthermore, we have seen fit to issue and seal with our own hand an order that wheresoever he goes, no matter where it shall be., he shall with our love and protection remain unmolested and undisturbed, on the understanding that he shall maintain justice and receive justice in like manner.

And if any question or eventuality arise which is not covered by our law, he shall remain unmolested and undisturbed until he reach our presence, both he and those who put their trust in him, so that as long as he remains under our protection no man shall oppose or do him harm.

And in order to give greater authority to this our command, we have signed it with our own hand and sealed it below with our ring.