Catholic Encyclopedia – Conrad of Urach


Cardinal-Bishop of Porto and Santa Rufina; born about 1180; died 1227. At an early age he became canon of the church of Saint Lambert, the cathedral of Liège. In 1199 he entered the Cistercian monastery of Villers in Belgium, of which he soon became prior and, in 1209, abbot. In 1214 he was chosen Abbot of Clairvaux and, in 1217, Abbot of Cîteaux and general of his order. Pope Honorius III created him cardinal, 8 January, 1219, and charged him with two important legations, one in France (1220-23), to suppress the Albigenses; the other in Germany (1224-26), to preach and arrange the crusade which Frederick II had vowed to undertake. After the death of Honorius III the cardinals agreed to elect him pope, but he refused the dignity. The Cistercians venerate him as Blessed (30 September).

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