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Purgatory Explained, by Father François Xavier Schouppe

detail of an illustration of Purgatory from the Book of Hours of Queen Bona; c.1527 by Stanisław Samostrzelnik; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsTable of Contents

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A Garner of Saints, by Allen Banks Hinds, M.A.


EBook – By Whose Authority? by Albert P Holden

By Whose Authority? by Albert P HoldenA short examination of sin and the authority given by Christ to priests of the Church to absolve a penitent. You can

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EBook – Saints of Emergency Services

Saints of Emergency ServicesSaints of Emergency Services
from CatholicSaints.Info

Saints, beati and angels who have a tradition of patronage of police officers, firefighters, emergency medics and the people who dispatch them.

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The Lie of Pope Joan

The Lie of Pope JoanThere never was a Pope Joan – but there are certainly tales of her. I have found a few articles about the story, and you can read them here or download an ebook with all of them for reading offline. Enjoy.

EBook – Antichrist, by Father C C Martindale, SJ

In a departure from most works on the Anti-Christ, Father Martindale looks at the scriptures and explains what they actually say and would have meant to the writers and the history of the Church. The result is a realistic appraisal of their meaning and an explanation of the Anti-Christ, an evil that is far more real, mundane and insidious than the fantastic conspiracies we’re used to hearing about.

E-Book – Saints in Art, by Clara Irskine Clement

[Saints in Art, by Clara Irskine Clement]Clara Irskine Clement’s illustrated analysis of the the depiction of the saints of the Church in art through history, and the development of symbols and emblems for them.

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