Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Patrick, Bishop, A.D. 493


17 March. To many it may seem strange that the name of the great Apostle of Ireland should appear among Scottish saints; but the calendar would be incomplete without it. According to many competent authorities Saint Patrick was born in Scotland. They fix his birthplace at Kilpatrick on the Clyde, near Dumbarton. Even were this theory rejected, and that one accepted which makes him a native of Gaul, still the number of churches dedicated to the saint in Scotland, testifying to the devotion in which he was held in Catholic ages, would justify the mention of his feast here. About fourteen churches bore his name, and many have given the designation to the parish in which they stand, as Kilpatrick, Temple-Patrick, Ard-Patrick, Dalpatrick, Kirkpatrick, etc. Fairs were held on this day—known as “Patrickmas”—at Dumbarton and Kirkpatrick—Durham (Kirkcudbrightshire). There is a sacred well called by the saint’s name, and also a small chapel in honour of Saint Patrick, at Muthill, Perthshire, and so highly was he esteemed in that place that a general holiday from labour was observed on his feast up to the beginning of last century. At Dalziel (Lanarkshire), Kilpatrick (Dumbartonshire), and Port Patrick (Wigtonshire), are holy wells bearing Saint Patrick’s name.

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