Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Monan, Martyr, 9th century


1 March. According to some writers, he was one of the companions of Saint Adrian (who was honoured on March 4), and preached the Gospel in Fifeshire; his relics being afterwards translated to Abercrombie in that county – King David II, in thanksgiving for cures obtained through the saint’s intercession, erecting there a noble church to contain them. Dr Skene, however, is of opinion that this saint was not a martyr, but was Saint Monan, Bishop of Clonfert, known in Irish calendars as Moinenn, and that his relics were brought to Abercrombie by Irish who had fled from the Danes then plundering and burning Irish monasteries about the year 841. On account of the great devotion of the saint, Abercrombie became generally known as Saint Monan’s, but has now reverted to its original title. The church was given by James III to the Dominicans; later on it was transferred to the Canons Regular of Saint Andrews. Saint Monan’s Well is near the ancient building.

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