Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Merolilanus, Martyr


8th century. He was a holy priest, probably from Ireland, who was killed by robbers when passing through France on a pilgrimage to Rome. His body was buried at Rheims, and remained unknown and unhonoured for many years. Miracles at length revealed the saint’s tomb, and his body was found on examination to be entire and fresh, exhaling a delicious odour. The sacred remains were afterwards translated to the Church of Saint Symphorien in the same city. In 1618 the Cardinal-Archbishop of Rheims presented an arm-bone of the saint to the Scots College in Rome. It was removed for safety to the Vatican Treasury when the college was closed during the French occupation of Rome. Through the good offices of the Right Rev. Bishop Pifferi, the Papal sacristan, the relic was restored to the college in 1893. A notable relic of this saint was obtained from Rheims by the Abbey of Fort-Augustus and is now honoured there. There is no other record of the saint’s connection with Scotland.

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