Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Mechtilde or Matilda, Virgin, 13th century


According to some Scottish historians, two members of the royal family resigned all the honours and dignities belonging to their state and left their native country to serve God in poverty and obscurity. These were a brother and sister, bearing the names of Alexander and Matilda, the latter being the elder. It is not clear which of the kings of Scotland was their relative. Alexander, having concealed his origin, became a lay-brother in the Cistercian monastery of Foigni, in the diocese of Laon, where he died in 1229. His sister, taking leave of him at the gates of the monastery, took up her abode in a small hut about ten miles distant. Here she spent a long life in dire poverty and austerity. She would refuse all alms, working laboriously for her daily sustenance, and spending all the time that remained in prayer and contemplation. Miracles are said to have proved her power with God, both during her lifetime and after her happy death, which took place some years after that of her brother.

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