Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Machalus, Bishop, A.D. 498


He was a bishop in the Isle of Man, which then formed part of Scotland. His name is variously written as Machalus, Machella, and Mauchold. One of the parishes in the island bears his name, and in the churchyard is the saint’s holy well. A ledge of rock hard by is called his “chair”; it used to be a favourite devotion of pilgrims to seat themselves on this ledge while drinking the miraculous water of the well and invoking the saint’s aid. The water is said to have been effective in preventing the action of poison. Many churches in Scotland are called by his name. There was a chapel near Chapeltown in Banffshire known as Kilmaichlie, which seems to refer to this saint. A holy well is still to be found in the vicinity.

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