Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Finan, Abbot, A.D. (about) 575


16 March. This saint, surnamed “The Leper,” from the disease with which he was afflicted, is mentioned in Irish calendars on the 16th of this month. Although the dedications to Saint Finan in Scotland are many, and devotion to him must therefore have been widespread, it is difficult to assign a cause for it. Some have thought that he was at some time at Iona, but the authentic particulars of his life which are now extant are so few that it is impossible to determine. To him is attributed the evangelisation of part of Argyllshire, in the district which still bears the name of Glen-Finan. The ancient burial-place of the district is on Eilean Finan, an island in Loch Shiel, where he is said to have lived, and where is preserved one of the few ancient bronze bells which still exist in Scot land; it is called by the saint’s name. A fair was formerly held there annually, and was called “Saint Finan’s Fair.” Other dedications to this saint are at Kilfinan in the same county Kilfinan, near Invergarry, and Mochrum in Wigtonshire. “Saint Finzean’s Fair” (a manner of denoting Finyan), formerly held at Perth, is supposed to have been in honour of the festival of this saint.

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