Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Ernan, Abbot, A.D. 640


1 January. The Saint whose feast is celebrated on this day was a disciple of the great Saint Columba, and is said by Colgan, the renowned Irish scholar, to have been his nephew. What connection the saint had with Scotland is not clear. He may have laboured for a time there under Saint Columba, but he became Abbot of Drumhome in Donegal. On the night Saint Columba went to his reward, as we are told by that saint’s biographer, Saint Adamnan, Ernan was favoured with a vision in which the saint’s death was revealed to him. Saint Ernan died in his Irish monastery at an advanced age in the year 640. The church of Killernan, in Ross-shire, is named after him. Another dedication to this saint is thought by some to be Kilviceuen in Mull.

MLA Citation

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