Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Darlugdach, Virgin, A.D. 524


1 February. This saint was an Irish virgin who was educated to the monastic life by the great Saint Bridget, the glory of Ireland. She is said to have visited Scotland during the reign of King Nectan and to have presided over a community of religious women attached to a church which that King had built at Abernethy and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. By some writers Saint Bridget herself is said to have led the monastic colony to Scotland, but this is by no means clear. It is true that great devotion was shown towards her, and many Scottish churches and wells bear her name, but this may be accounted for by the close connection with Ireland which subsisted in those early times. Her relics, too, were venerated at Abernethy.

Saint Darlugdach did not remain in Scotland, as she succeeded her friend and patroness Saint Bridget as Abbess of Kildare, where she died.

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